Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tropicale: Hottest Restaurant in Town!

Friday evening I went to check out Tropicale, a hip new restaurant in downtown Palm Springs. It bills itself as having a chic sophisticated d├ęcor. Inside the dining room there are tables and high-backed half-circular leather booths in a plush dining room with chandeliers. The Coral Seas Lounge offers retro cocktails such as The Pink Pussycat, Just Peachy Martini , Chi-Chi Coconut Martini, Carmen Miranda Sangria and the Havana Banana Sparkling Sangria, just to name a few. For a more complete review, check out my main blog or click here for the link to the actual post

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Enemy of the Republic said...

I've never been to Palm Springs, but now I know what to do when I get there. So you worked in Chicago? What did you think? I'm from there.

Stevie Nicks: My first thought is: sing from the diaphram honey, not the throat! I used to sing and as charming she sounds, I bet her voice gets messed up big time.